Jewelry: The Exclamation Point


Sommer Rabellino is the best-accessorized woman we know. But, accessories are not the first thing you notice about her. Her warm personality, and eclectic, rustic, style shine forth. Always decked out in warm tones like rusty orange, navy blue, and brown, Sommer exudes a sense of warmth. Her jewelry, which she designs and crafts herself, compliments her style and makes her personality pop without catching too much attention. img_5701img_5959img_5987img_3016

This is exactly what an explanation point does. The punctuation is not meant to be read; rather, it is meant to be taken in as an indication of the tone and meaning of the whole sentence. Jewelry does the same thing for our style and identity, punctuating our outfits, our bodies, and our demeanor. Sommer has mastered this art.

OQwqxbl_YqxsrLJwKWJwVuXL6IADI47UsmubECcrVQwSommer works in a variety of mediums, so everyone is sure to find something that suits them in her Etsy boutique ( From feathers to clay that morphs into metal when fired, Sommer does it all. Check out her amazing works of art on Etsy (link above) or on her blog ( We know you will find something to accentuate your best features. We always do!


-The Drs. Klassy & Fab

Pic 1: Google Images

Pic Set 2: Sommer’s blog

Pic 3: ©Kiristin A. Penny (


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